Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (VEGA)
VEGA 2/0006/19Peter VajdaIntegration of latest findings and approaches of gravimetry, geothermics and deep seismics for determining lithospheric structure and tectonics focusing on Western Carpathians
VEGA 1/0143/18Vratislav HuraiMineralogy, petrogenesis and metallogenetic potential of the Pliocene intra-plate magmatism of Western Carpathians
VEGA 1/0341/18Radovan Kyška-PipíkChironomids as indicators of palaeoenvironmental changes: Building a model to reconstruct Late-Glacial and Holocene temperatures based on sub-fossil chironomid assemblages from the Tatra Mountain lakes
VEGA 2/0014/18Dušan StarekSedimentary paleoenvironments and transport-depositional mechanisms in the Paleogene formations of the Central Western Carpathians
VEGA 2/0015/18Pavol NejedlíkMeso- and micro-meteorological exploration of the occurrence of hydrometeors in boundary layer of the troposphere based on pasive evaluation of changes of electromagnetic radiation from anthropogenic sources
VEGA 2/0083/18Iveta SmetanováTemporal and spatial variations of radon activity concentration and CO2 in the environment
VEGA 2/0122/18Juraj HrabovskýTemporal and spatial changes in the composition of benthic algal-dominated assemblages of the Vienna Basin and Carpathian Foredeep during the Middle Miocene
VEGA 2/0002/17Fridrich ValachGeomagnetic field in Slovakia round the 2018.5 epoch
VEGA 2/0023/17Tomáš MikušOxidation of the resistant tungsten minerals in the specific conditions of the Ochtiná deposit
VEGA 2/0028/17Jozef MadzinMagnetic fabric, sedimentologic and provenance study of clastic formations of the Western Carpathians
VEGA 2/0084/17Igor BroskaCorrelation of Permian S-type granites from Gemeric unit of the Western Carpathians with the Permian granites in the southern Europe and Anatolia
VEGA 2/0186/17Silvia AntolíkováBiostratigraphy and paleoecology of jurassic and lower cretaceous “fleckenmergel” facies in Western Carpathians
VEGA 1/0119/16Rastislav MilovskýThe influence of landscape annd regulations on the freshwater benthic macroinvertebrates communities
VEGA 1/0462/16Pavol ZahorecSolution of actual problems in geophysical and geodetic detection of underground cavities in environmental and archaeological applications
VEGA 2/0034/16Ján SotákGlobal event stratigraphic correlations and paleoenvironments of the Cretaceous and Paleogene formations of the Western Carpathians: biotic, sedimentary and geochemical proxies
VEGA 2/0060/16Marian JanákHigh-pressure metamorphism in the crystalline complexes of the Western Carpathians
Other projects
Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences (VEGA)
VEGA 2/0057/16Jozef MichalíkMesozoic changes of climate, sedimentation, palaeooceanologic proxies, environments and communities of marine organisms
VEGA 2/0067/16Igor PetríkStability and retrograde alterations of accessory minerals from the rocks of collisional orogenic zones
VEGA 2/0115/16Peter GubaConvective dynamics of phase transition in the Earth's core
VEGA 2/0118/16Vratislav HuraiOrigin of the Evate phosphate deposit, Mozambique
VEGA 1/0141/15Peter VajdaGeophysical model of the lithosphere of the Western Carpathians
VEGA 1/0538/15Stanislava MilovskáComparison of country remediation possibilities in surrounding of selected European Cu-deposits
VEGA 1/0560/15Jaroslav LexaMineralogy and genesis of economically important types of gold mineralization in the Central Slovakia Volcanic Field
VEGA 1/0650/15Pavol SimanGeochemistry and geochronology of the dyke rocks from the Western Carpathians
VEGA 1/0664/15Radovan Kyška-PipíkA 250 year history of human impacts on a landscape of the Banská Štiavnica mining territory: palaeolimnological reconstruction using biotic and abiotic indicators from lake sediments
VEGA 2/0017/15Dušan StarekIntegrated sedimentological study of the Paleogene formations of the Central Western Carpathians: a reconstruction of the depositional paleoenvironments in relation to tectogenetic processes, subsidence history of the basin and changing climate regimes
VEGA 2/0042/15Peter VajdaImplementation of recent innovations in potential fields interpretation methodology
VEGA 2/0056/15Radovan Kyška-PipíkMultiproxy analysis of limnic profundal deposits: cyclicity and variability of the environment in Late Miocene of the Central Paratethys
VEGA 2/0067/15Alexandra MarsenićNumerical solution of the kinematic problem for geomagnetic secular variations
VEGA 2/0083/15Iveta SmetanováStatistical analysis of long-term radon time series from Slovakia
VEGA 2/0091/15Vladimír BezákCrustal tectonic structures in Eastern Slovakia – interepretation based on magnetotelluric and others geophysical data
VEGA 2/0136/15Adam TomašovýchTracing changes in seawater temperature during the end-Triassic mass extinction and during the Early Jurassic in the western Tethys (Western Carpathians and Eastern Alps)
VEGA 2/0138/15Jaroslav LexaEvolution of monogentic rhyolite volcanoes
VEGA 2/0188/15Lucia FojtíkováSeismic regime in the Malé Karpaty focal zone
VEGA 2/0193/15Rastislav MilovskýTiming, extent and depth of Late Pleistocene epizodic thawing of permafrost inferred from cave paleoclimatic records of Slovakia.
VEGA 2/0012/14Peter VršanskýCockroaches in amber
VEGA 2/0053/14Svetlana BičárováAtmospheric processes and tropospheric ozone in the mountain environment
VEGA 2/0089/14Svetlana BičárováFlow deposition of acidifying components and ozone in the selected submontain and mountain areas of Slovakia

International projects

MAD Ukraine–SlovakiaMiroslav BielikApplication of a new automated software system (GMT-Auto) for interpretation of the Carpathian-Pannonian Basin lithosphere
Horizont 2020 – MSCA-ITN-2014Adam TomašovýchBrachiopods As SEnsitive tracers of gLobal mariNe Environment: Insights from alkaline, alkaline Earth metal, and metalloid trace element ratios and isotope systems
MAD Bulgaria–SlovakiaRadovan Kyška-PipíkDistribution patterns of diatoms and ostracods in the Slovakian and Bulgarian Neogene lake systems
MAD Czechia – SlovakiaVladimír BezákElectrical conductivity and geological structure in the West Carpathians and its transition to the Bohemian Massif
National Science Centre of PolandJán SotákMagura Piggy-back Basin at the font of the PKB: lito and biostratigraphy, provenance analysis and paleogeographic interpretations (Western Outer Carpathians, Poland and Slovakia)
UMR CNRS 6112 LPGJán SotákForaminiferal research consortium
COST — ES1404Pavol NejedlíkA European network for a harmonized monitoring of snow for the benefit of climate change scenarios, hydrology and numerical weather prediction
COST — ES1401Peter MoczoTime Dependent Seismology
AMBA — UNESCOPeter VršanskýGlobal evolutionary patterns and envoronmental change indicated by the fossil record of cockroaches, termites and mantises (AMBA framework)