PhD students

Daniela Dobríková: Chironomids (Chironomidae) as paleolimnological indicators of environmental changes in postglacial: a case study of a subalpine lake in the High Tatra Mts. Supervisor: L. Hamerlík; defended 09/2017

Timea Chamutiová: Chironomids (Diptera: Chironomidae) from limnic deposits as paleoindicators of long-term environmental changes. Supervisor: P. Bitušík

Dhavamani Ramachandran: Impact of topography and altitude on timing of the deglaciation in the High Tatra Mts. Supervisor: R. Kyška Pipík

Lucia Sochuliaková: Diatoms (Baciolariophyceae) from lake deposits of Slovakia as paleolimnological indicators of historical environmental changes. Supervisor: P. Bitušík; defended 08/2018

Jaroslav Stoklasa: Perloočky (Cladocera) zo sedimentov jazier Slovenska ako paleolimnologické indikátory historických zmien prostredia. Supervisor: P. Bitušík; defended 08/2018

Veronika Štillová: Paleoecological reconstruction of the transition from Glacial to Postglacial in the Tatra Mts. using lake sediments. Supervisor: L. Hamerlík

Marina Vidhya: Paleobiological proxies for reconstruction of the changes in limnic environment of the High Tatra Mts. Supervisor: R. Kyška Pipík

Lucia Žatková: Molecular and stable-isotope proxies for postglacial environmental evolution of High Tatra lakes. Supervisor: R. Milovský



Sensitivity determination of clay minerals from lake sediments in the High Tatras to changes of glacial and postglacial climate

Study of clay minerals is a part of the multiproxy study on paleoclimatic changes at the Pleistocene /Holocene boundary in the High Tatras. The main objectives are:

  1. Detail characterization of the clay minerals composition in lake deposits by application of the standard mineralogical methods.
  2. Distribution of the clay minerals in lake sedimentary infill
  3. Interpretation of the clay composition and distribution with other palaeontological, mineralogical and geochemical methods identified by other working groups for identification of climatic and ecological changes in the mountains area.

Supervisor: Peter Uhlík